Here’s a wee list of stuff that I think is great, and am looking to get my hands on 🙂

Apple iPhone 6s 128GB – NZ$1599
I’ve still love my [2012] iPhone 5, but it’s definitely starting to slow down. After watching the Apple event for iPhone 6s it seemed there wasn’t a lot added that isn’t already in the market, however apple’s Eco-system still seems to be the best (in my opinion), and their implementation of features is well thought out.

Shirts from Mizzen+Main

1TB SSD hard drive – NZ$592
My [2009] Mac Book Pro is starting to slow down so changing to an SSD hard drive will be a good interim measure until I decide to upgrade. I’m a fan of double back ups (one on a hard drive & one in the cloud), and figure Once I upgrade to a new Mac Book Pro I can buy a case and reuse the drive as an external hard drive.
The cheapest fast one I’ve found is on Pricespy.

Mac Book Pro – NZ$2,799
Apple’s laptops are great! But horrendously expensive, hence why I’ve held off buying a new one. Apple’s pricing model of price gauging for more storage is sad. However with a little bit of technical knowhow, and some patience for the storage market to catch up, one can purchase the Mac Book Pro model with the smallest storage and all the other specs maxed out, and then install 3rd party storage of 1TB.
While you still have the buy the 3rd party storage for about $1000, with a little time it will save $400.

ExOfficio Underware


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